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The Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change for Your Outboard or Inboard Marine Engine

Synthetic Oil in your boat's engine helps it run cooler, smoother, quieter and with less smoke. One of the biggest benefits of using synthetic oil is extended engine life. Synthetic oils flow more smoothly with...

Why Your Engine Needs Synthetic Oil

It's important to understand why we use oil in our vehicles. When an engine is in continuous motion it creates a lot of heat due to friction. If we use oil, it lubricates the engine lowering friction. This avoids the heating up of the engine quickly aiding in...
Summer isn't over yet and taking advantage of the nice weather is a great excuse to take a road trip. Keep in mind that arriving safe to your destination should be your number one priority. After all, if you want to remember this trip fondly in the future, you should do your best to avoid any...

Maintaining Your Engine in Perfect Working Condition

Your engine is designed to perform under the most extreme conditions, however, this can lead to wear and other problems that can result in breakdowns if you're not careful. Still, you should know that there are many simple ways to maintain your...

How to Read a Tire Sidewall

When shopping for tires, you need to know what the numbers and letters on your sidewall mean to select the appropriate replacement tire for your ride.

The Basics of Tire Sidewalls

In addition to the tire's brand and line names (tire model), there is a lot of...

DIY Grease Monkey Essentials

If you plan to do your car maintenance and repairs, you need a toolbox to keep tools clean, in good shape, and all in one place. Look for a lightweight, plastic toolbox that fits easily into the trunk of your vehicle.

Types of Screwdrivers

The difference between a...
Summer isn't over yet and taking that boating trip is still possible. However, before you rush to enjoy the last warm days of the year, you should consider certain basic safety measures that are very important to have a great trip. That's why at Shelton Synthetic Lubricants in Trumbull County we...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...

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