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Shelton Synthetics Offers Complete Synthetic Oil Expertise in Niles, Ohio

Shelton Synthetics offers more than great AMSOIL products, we provide knowledge. Winter is coming, make sure your vehicles are prepared. 

Cold Weather Advantages of Synthetic Oil

It's snowing like crazy, the wind is blowing all over the place, and you get in your car and turn the key.  Nothing.  That's the last thing you want to have happen in those kinds of conditions.  That's why here at AMSOIL we encourage you to get familiar with one of the main advantages of synthetic motor oil.   Extreme cold can cause conventional motor oil, transmission fluid and gear lube to thicken, starving vital moving parts of necessary lubrication. In many cases, thick motor oil will prevent vehicles from starting.  AMSOIL Oil on the other hand, has undergone rigorous independent testing, and has been proven to remain perfectly fluid in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.  That's because unlike their conventional counterparts, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants do not contain paraffins (wax) , so they remain fluid in sub-zero temperatures.

When the big storm hits this winter, make sure that your vehicle will start.  Shelton Synthetics in Niles Ohio, and surrounding areas is available.  Call us today at (330) 984-2121 to get more information or place an order.  Also, if you are ready to buy, you can shop our products online here.

Sometimes, however, it's best to leave the cold weather be and let your vehicle hibernate. 

How to Store Your Motorcycle Properly

As temperatures get colder and the weather gets increasingly dangerous you might consider storing your motorcycle until nicer weather arrives. Motorcycle storage is common during the cold weather months, but you need to adequately prepare your  bike for storage in order for it to be ready for use in the spring. 

Charge the Battery

Batteries are prone to losing charge over time, especially if they're connected to your motorcycle. To keep your battery charged and ready for your motorcycle's next use, keep the battery hooked up to a battery charger. Avoid overcharging by using a battery tender. This will shut off before your battery is overcharged. You can also add some grease to the battery posts in order to avoid corrosion during storage.

Take Care of the Tires

Even though your motorcycle won't be in use, taking care of the tires is still necessary. Check your motorcycle's tire pressure and fill it just to the maximum recommended level. The cold air will most likely bring down the tire pressure while in storage but this task will help avoid under inflation. It's a good idea to store your bike on a stand in order to avoid flat spots. If storing it on a stand isn't possible, rotating your tires weekly will help avoid flat spots.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Ohio

Don't forget to change your motorcycle's oil before storing it. Doing so will help prevent harming your bike's engine. If you need synthetic oil in Niles, look no further than Shelton Synthetics. We can help you find the best AMSOIL products in and around Niles. Contact us at (330) 984-2121 for more information or to place an order. You can also check out our online shop full of AMSOIL products for all your needs.

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